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WinRail 9.0 Features


  • WinRail 9.0 comes with a fantastic new tool for creating 3D structures (PartComp3D). You will find it in the WinRail start-menu. Here is an example of what can be done with it:

WinRail 9.0 3D building feature

  • If you insert elements, no matter if you are using the Tool-Place element, the clipboard or the command Edit-Add layout, the shape of the elements to be added appears next to the mouse cursor, so that you get a better idea of where a mouse click will place the element(s).
  • You can freely choose the position of the frames (no fixed distance between the frames required any more).
  • Flex sections can now be added without connecting them to existing track sections and they can then be shaped as required.
  • And last, but not least: the new benchwork concept with support for modular layouts:
    • Benchworks now can be of any shape, and a single layout now may contain as many benchworks as you like. The benchworks can be moved and rotated on the workspace, and of course it is possible to align the benchworks. Benchworks act as containers for all elements placed on them; if you move the benchwork, the elements it contains will move as well.
    • Several new tools exist for manipulating the benchworks; the arrow-tool will not work for them. The 3D-terrain is also part of the benchwork and therefore can be moved and rotated as well. You can add tags for the position of track sections and catenary masts using the tool Benchwork-Edit/create track position. Track sections and catenary masts placed on these positions will be positioned exactly and aligned accordingly.
    • If your layout contains at least one benchwork, frames will be created only for the benchworks.
    • Tagged elements (including benchworks with all elements they contain) can be exported to a new file and of course it is possible to import them again.
    • All in all the new benchwork concept offers all features needed to support module layouts.



All customers for WinRail 8.0 from the 1st October 2007 will automatically receive a free upgrade to WinRail 9.0

Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secureĀ online ordering page, or directly by phone, fax or letter from Span Software.

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