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WinRail 8.0 Features

  • Design of terrain remarkably simplified
  • New command "Choose colours" in the terrain context-menu
  • New command "Load height profile" in the terrain context-menu
  • Frames
  • Benchwork
  • Checking the vertical distance of crossing tracks
  • Origin of coordinate system movable
  • Letterings can be printed inside of the track
  • Improved algorithm for calculation of smallest radius of flex sections
  • For flex sections also the smallest radius will be displayed when display of length is activated
  • Flex sections can be added to the stock, so list of required materials will list the required flex sections correctly
  • List of materials can be displayed for the active layer or for visible layers only
  • Layer lists sorted alphabetically by name (except for View-Properties)
  • New command "Edit-Tag all elements in layer"
  • Crosshairs
  • Elements are fully drawn while dragged
  • Moving of docked elements (for example catenary masts) enhanced
  • Tool "Convert to flex track" can convert curves into formable flex sections
  • Tool "Place track and connect" can insert tracks into existing lines (only at connections)
  • Scale libraries
  • New tools:
    • Toggle fixation
    • Font
    • Remove element from group
  • The new Properties-menu with frequently used settings of the Element-Properties dialog:
    • Properties-Line colour
    • Properties-Fill colour for track sections
    • Properties-Colour of ties
    • Properties-Track connections
    • Properties-Colour of running wire with artno. assigned to
    • Properties-Colour of running wires without artno. assigned to



All customers for WinRail 7.0 from the 1st September 2005 will automatically receive a free upgrade to WinRail 8.0.

Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secureĀ online ordering page, or directly by phone, fax or letter from Span Software.

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