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WinRail 6.0 Features


Display of Element Identifiers

Article numbers and descriptions are displayed when the mouse pointer is "hovered" over an element in the layout.


Toolbars and context menus can be customised.

Backup copies

Backup copying of layout files can be turned off.

Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling

Clicking the middle mouse button, or pressing the scroll wheel, toggles the scroll direction (horizontal or vertical) when using the mouse wheel.

Undo and Redo

Can now display the action for the Undo and Redo features.

Dock Elements

Can "dock" non-track elements to the track. This is used, for example, for planning the position of Catenary Masts, which will then move when the associated track is moved.


Can switch off lines and units; set number of decimal places.


Detect the height at any position of the track, or search for a particular height. "Set height" dialog displays the elevation.


Display the distance between two points on the track.


While inserting a measurement, its current length is displayed in the status bar.


Define the maximum size of vehicle you plan to use on your layout, and then watch WinRail run it around the track you have defined, to check the clearance on curves and point-work. Plan how much space is required beside the track.

Active Layer

Active Layer feature simplifies the use of layers by temporarily limiting access and editing to elements on the current layer.

New flex-track features

  • Better algorithm for transition curves
  • Parallel lines for flex sections and transition curves corrected
  • Parallel lines of flex sections change their shape along with the "parent" section
  • Parallel lines also for elevations
  • Detection of the smallest radius of flex sections
  • Display of the smallest radius when changing the shape of a flex section
  • Cut flex sections at any point
  • Insertion of turnouts and crossings into straight flex sections using the tool "Place track and connect"
  • Rotate turnouts and crossings that are connected with the straight line. This is even possible for asymmetric crossings when connected to straight flex track sections.
  • Insert a crossover into parallel straight flex sections
  • Tool that moves a section within straight flex sections
  • DLL programming interface to create your own flex sections

New Parts Compiler features

  • Formulae for simplified geometric calculations
  • New "Way" command helps define the paths through a complex piece of trackwork
  • Variables, macros, branching and loops - powerful tools for helping with repetitive definitions and building 3D libraries
  • Improved support for "Include" source files and macro libraries

Many other improvements and detail changes throughout the product

Many New libraries and elements


Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secure online ordering page, or directly by phone, fax or letter from Span Software.

Customers who ordered WinRail 5 from 1st February 2003 onwards are entitled to a free upgrade to WinRail 6.0. Simply contact us with your WinRail serial number. If you don't know your serial number, please send back your installation CD or "free upgrade" voucher to validate your free upgrade.

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