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WinRail 5.0 Features


3D Features

Structures and layouts can be shown in full 3D.  Both WinRail Standard and WinRail DeLuxe include a new version of the Parts Compiler with comprehensive 3D drawing capabilities.   Note that the Parts Compiler included with WinRail Standard does not include the capability to design or define track components.


Measurements and distances can be calculated with the mouse.


Individual elements can now be mirrored.

Support for .GIF, .PNG and .JPG graphics

Note that WinRail will not write .GIF files.

Group elements

A full implementation of Grouping for elements allows sets of elements to be marked and moved together.  Groups can be locked and unlocked.

Better placement of article numbers and descriptions

More flexibility is now provided for placing text fields exactly where you want them.

Removal of unused elements from libraries

In order to reduce the sometimes enormous lists of elements in the WinRail product libraries, it is now possible to mark elements that you don't use and they will not be displayed in the list of library elements.  They are not physically removed from the library.

Overview window aids navigation

A new window can be opened showing the entire layout, with a rectangle marking the current view.

"Light" version of the Parts Compiler now included with WinRail Standard

WinRail Standard customers now have a version of the Parts Compiler that allows them to define structures and 3D effects.  Track components can not be drawn with WinRail Standard.

Many minor modifications and improvements

  • WinRail will now remember the folders you have chosen to load or store files
  • Current printer settings are stored with the layout file
  • When you enter a value in the Zoom input line, the layout will not be redrawn until you press the enter key



Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secure online ordering page, or directly by phone, fax or letter from Span Software.

Customers who ordered WinRail 4 from 1st June 2001 onwards are entitled to a free upgrade to WinRail 5.0.  Simply contact us with your WinRail serial number.  If you don't know your serial number, please send back your installation diskette to validate your free upgrade

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