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WinRail 10.0 Features


  • The 3D-view now simulates the sun, so that for example a sphere now doesn't look like a simple circle any more. Here the same scene is shown without and with light:

New WinRail 10.0 3D feature

  • You now may stack benchworks.
  • A new command in the Element menu resets all gradients and heights to 0 in one go.
  • A new command in the Properties menu quickly moves elements to another layer.
  • Another new command in the properties menu enables you to change the line width without opening the Element-Properties dialogue.
  • You may insert a ruler onto your layout and place, move and rotate it like any other element.
  • The new command Separate layer of the Element menu loosens all connections between track sections placed in different layers.
  • WinRail now uses a drop-down list to choose colours, so that you can select the most common colours without opening another window. A click on "Custom" will open this window when required:

WinRail 10.0 colour selector feature

  • The feature that fills gaps now produces better results, especially for straight connections.
  • The shape of the chosen element now appears at the mouse cursor even with the tool Place track and connect.



All customers for WinRail 9.0 from the 1st June 2009 will automatically receive a free upgrade to WinRail 10.0

Upgrades from previous versions of WinRail may be ordered online through our secureĀ online ordering page, or directly by phone, fax or letter from Span Software.

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